Coach Cole Services

My Services

There are many puzzle pieces that make up your financial life. Each of these ever-changing pieces play a role in your success. It is my job to learn about you and help put this puzzle together. My approach to this life-long process is with the resources, knowledge and integrity to help make your dreams come true. Central to our planning process is involving you. As your coach, we will be a team working together as your financial planning knowledge continues to grow and evolve. I believe that your participation and knowledge in the process directly translates to increased success of your plan. Your financial plan will focus on the 6 key areas of financial planning.

· Examining you present financial situation

     · Protecting what’s important

         · Accumulating wealth

             · Managing your taxes

                 · Planning for retirement

                     · Leaving a legacy


My commitments

· I am committed to listening and being sensitive to your needs.

· I am committed to an open and honest relationship.

· I am committed to confidentiality and integrity.

· I am committed to taking responsibility for our actions.

· I am committed to utilizing technology to further research and planning.

· I am committed to being transparent with the recommendations we make.

· I am committed to your continued educating.

· I am committed to involving you in the planning process.

· I am committed to having fun working with you!